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1 in 5

1 in 5 North Americans are affected by mental illness.


80% of people that are affected by mental illness do not receive the appropriate treatment.


By age 25, 20% of youth will have developed a diagnosable mental illness.

How it Works

Corporate Plans

Sign up your entire team with Charlie Wellbeing. We'll create a plan just for you-- all covered by your insurance provider.

Individual Plans

We'll match you with a dedicated licensed therapist who reflects your personal needs. Communicate your availability to your therapist. All conversations are strictly confidential.

Teen Plans

Prepay a plan for your teen. They'll be able to access therapy on their own schedule. We'll text your teen on your behalf. Communication occurs strictly between your teen and Charlie.

Customize your Treatment

Charlie Wellbeing offers text, voice and video plans. Choose the plan that suits your needs best.

Charlie provides quality same-day matching with your very own licensed therapist...

Prepay a monthly plan now

Charlie Wellbeing may be covered by your Insurance

An in-person therapy session costs $150/hr on average. Our plan allows for flexibility and affordable pricing.

Select a combination of text, voice and video sessions with your dedicated licensed therapist.

Schedule video sessions based on your availability. Charlie Wellbeing is designed to accommodate your personal schedule and needs

The benefits


Traditional therapy can cost up to $150/hour. Our objective is to provide a cost-effective online therapy solution. Charlie offers the most affordable online therapy on the market.


In line with our dedication to provide a secure platform to our users, Charlie is HIPAA compliant. We perform routine security audits to ensure that user data is handled appropriately.


Our therapists and psychologists have a wide range of qualifications from dealing with anxiety and depression to abuse and more acute issues. All therapists are professionals and are licensed to provide treatment.


Online therapy is proven to be as effective as traditional therapy, with the benefits of accessibility and convenience. You'll be able to establish personal relationships with therapists with a specific skillset catered to their needs.


Our online solution allows teens to employ our platform from the comfort of their homes; from a desktop, iPad or mobile device. Our therapists are available 24/7, and will reply within 12 hours of receiving messages.


Each of our therapists and psychologists goes through a rigorous screening process. We only accept the most qualified professionals with a range of skills on our platform..

Why people love online therapy

“I work in a high-stress environment. It's difficult balancing both work on top of a family and the therapist I was connected to through Charlie has helped me get through a lot."
- Hannah

"I purchased a plan for my son in high school. I feel at ease knowing that he can access a therapist whenever he wants to, and doesn't have to worry about paying for it, or talking to me about it."
- Dave

"I speak to my therapist a couple times per week. Doesn't matter if it's about work, or relationships. It's comforting to know that I can turn to someone when I need to chat."
- Lindsey

"I think that while we do want our children to talk to us about their mental health, the reality is that they just don't. I think this approach is great, and allows teens to access the help they need with almost no barriers."
- Michelle

A note from us to you

We created Charlie knowing that life can sometimes get in the way. Charlie wants to provide you with the tools necessary to not just get by, but thrive...
-- no matter what you choose to take on.